Biomicry is an autonomous musical system that observes an improviser using audio descriptors to synthesise a sound response. Analysing mel-frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCC) the system is imbued with an evaluative capability and assesses changes in amplitude and timbre in order to shape its interactive behaviour. At its heart, the system is designed to be cohesive and unified with its human counterpart but at times its digital memory fails and the system’s sensibility emerges. Biomimicry is released as five distinct physical copies each containing a unique instance of the system. In this digital release, you have access to all of those versions and can fully observe the depth and variety of interactive connections that were created between various performers and the system.

Two select outputs from this system can be found on the music page. Alternatively you can listen from the bandcamp link below, which belongs to Tone List.

I also wrote a more comprehensive article for the 2017 ICMC in Shanghai.

The artwork for the album was created by Mary Martin

Sage Pbbbt at the first performance of Biomimicry in 2017.
Sage Pbbbt performing live with the Biomimicry system. The laptop can be seen sneakily located off stage.