Refracted Touch for Slide Guitar and Electronics. St Paul’s, Huddersfield, 2019 UK. Performed by Daryl Buckley (Slide Guitar) and James Bradbury (Electronics)

Stitch/Strata for Fixed Media. Diffused at Electric Spring, University of Huddersfield, 2019 UK.

Stitch/Strata for Fixed Media. HISS @ 10, 2019, University of York, UK.


Biomimicry For Interactive System and One Musician. 19 January at Babushka Bar, WA as part of the Audible Edge New Music Festival.
Performed by Sage Pbbbt (Voice) and James Bradbury (Electronics)


Esolang For Two Cellos, Violin and Prepared Piano. 13 November at The Nest Creative Space, NSW. Video recording here.
Performed by David Moran