publications and presentations

This page contains a list of all official peer-reviewed publications and presentations. I will try to provide links where possible to anything that is open access.

(i) invited but not attended.

(p) presented.


(p) - ’Computer-assisted corpus exploration with UMAP and agglomerative clustering. The 2020 Joint Conference on AI Music Creativity, Online. pdf | video


(p) - ‘Finding things in stuff’. FluCoMa Plenary 2019, Huddersfield, UK. video

(p) - ‘Composing with raw data and content-aware programs in Python and Lua’. Creative Coding Lab, Huddersfield, UK.

(p) – ‘Making decisions about making decisions about making decisions’. Creative Coding Lab Symposium @ Electric Spring 2019, Huddersfield, UK. video

(p) – ‘Annealing Strategies’. CeReNeM Colloquium 2019, Huddersfield, UK.


(p) – ‘Biomimicry: Analysis of a corpus-based interactive system’. ICMC 2017, Shanghai, China

(i) – ‘Biomimicry: Critical analysis of a corpus-based interactive improvisational system’. MuME 2017, Atlanta, USA

(i) – ‘Biomimicry’ live performance for MuMe 2017